Kortingscode fifa 17 ps4 pro 1080p

kortingscode fifa 17 ps4 pro 1080p

top of that, the effects pipeline sees tangible upgrades - for example, GPU-accelerated particles are much higher in number than PlayStation 4 equivalents, again occupying a mid-point between the existing consoles and the top-end PC experience. However, many other features - such as shadows, depth of field and motion blur - remain unchanged on Pro. The 1080p depth of field implementation wouldn't scale up nicely to 4K, so this has been senseo kortingscode adjusted and it's interesting to note that level of detail on the grass effect in replays also appears to have been pushed further into the distance. Full HD Gameplay Captured on PS4 Pro via Elgato HD60 @ 1080P 60FPS. The irony is that the quality of the presentation when downsampled to 1080p is really impressive - a clear visual upgrade over the base PS4 title. Related videos.264 18:41.78GB 3840x2160,.94fps,.3mbps AC3.0, 448kbps, 48000Hz. You can see for yourself here. Hope it will not end like this and its just for graphics (4k).

Follow me on Twitter @liquidpho3nix. Subscribe to our channel, it's important to point out that PS4 Pro's BF1 enhancements are not simply limited to resolution. We did most of our testing on a 40-inch Samsung KU6400, which possesses a remarkably high pixel density, but the aliasing is still plain to see - it'll even show up in the video below.

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Fifa 18, ps 4, pro 1080

We went in expecting great things owing to the fact that dice not only created the game, but also have probably the best integration with the Frostbite rendering team. The bottom line is clear though - fifa is built to console spec, but it's great to see that the headroom is there to run the title at native. Friday - Monday: fifa17 (Replay Sim Matches for every Premier League Match Select Matches from Leagues, Cups International Competitions across the globe). However, fifa's ineffectual anti-aliasing solution remains in effect. Subscribe to download.264 17:10.21GB 1920x1080,.94fps,.1mbps AC3.0, 448kbps, 48000Hz.

kortingscode fifa 17 ps4 pro 1080p

The 1080 p framebuffer from the standard PlayStation 4 version gets an uncompromised lift to native 4K - no upscaling, no checkerboarding. Fifa 18 - PS. PS 4 Pro 4K Graphics ComparisonCandyland.