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more conventional design than its predecessor, but this was largely appreciated by fleet buyers. This engine contained a different camshaft profile, a different cast of head featuring larger ports, tubular exhaust headers and a Weber double barrel carburettor. The Cortina 2000 V4 arrived during 1972 and also became available as a station wagon and pick-up later in the year. Ford also claimed improved corrosion protection on Mark V models; as a result, more Mark Vs have survived; however, corrosion was still quite a problem. Ford Cortina 80/Mk5. The vehicle was for RHD markets only and was developed under the codename "Atlas" to reflect its market leading one tonne payload capability. This was part of a Ford attempt to unify its European operations. 44 Up to and including 1981, the Cortina was the best selling car in Britain. A total of nearly.6 million Cortinas were sold in Britain during its 20-year production life, and in March 2009 it was revealed that the Cortina was still the third most popular car ever sold there, despite having been out of production for nearly three. In recent years, the opposite phenomenon has become popular among enthusiasts, where classic Cortinas have been retrofitted with modern Ford engines the most popular unit being the Zetec unit from the Mondeo and Focus. Ford Lio Ho in Taiwan began local production of the Cortina in March 1973.

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1978-80) were sold through Lincoln-Mercury dealerships (most notably the Ford Capri (MkI and II) and Ford Sierra - the latter of which was marketed in the USA under the Merkur marque). Retrieved 5 November 2016. Early Standard models featured a simple body coloured front grille, earning it the nickname 'Ironbar and large, round, Ban the Bomb tail-light clusters. 11 This series spawned the first Ghia top-of-the-range model, which replaced the 2000E. 51 The Ford Cortina was also assembled in the Amsterdam Ford Factory from the launch in 19Production was for the Dutch market, but also for export to non EU countries and even for export to the UK if the demand there was higher than the. 5 A few months later, in January 1963, the Cortina Super was announced with a five-bearing 1498 cc engine. The final production model was the Crusader special edition which was available as.3-litre,.6-litre, and.0-litre saloons.6-litre and.0-litre estates.

However, although the updated Taunus was introduced to Continental Europe in January 1976, Ford were able to continue selling the Cortina Mark III in undiminished numbers in the UK until they were ready to launch its successor as the Dagenham built Cortina Mark IV, which. 30 Maximum power was.6 kW (104 PS; 103 hp) SAE. (1971 "Die Taunus-Cortina-Story Auto-Universum 1971 (in German Zürich, Switzerland: Verlag Internationale Automobil-Parade AG, XIV : 39 "Ford Cortina celebrates 50th on BBC's One Show". The shorter engine required a radiator shroud to compensate. Since this version cost almost the same as the better equipped Deluxe it sold poorly and is very rare today. B c Logoz, Arthur,. Additionally there were limited imports of Australian Mark IV Cortinas, equipped with both.0-litre four-cylinder engines which featured more emissions control equipment than the UK-sourced cars, and the Falcon's.1-litre six-cylinder engines.

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