Quooker fusion korting

quooker fusion korting

The filter is mounted inside the Quooker tank and thus remains sterile. When you turn on the Quooker tap, the water cools just a little, to run out of the tap at boiling temperature (100C). Telephone 800-quooker (7866537) /971 (0).

Invented and produced in the Netherlands, the Quooker is taking over the world. Secondly, the HiTAC (High treinkaart 40 korting Temperature Activated Carbon) water filter in the boiling water tank purifies the water. Save energy and water, the Quooker's perfect high-vacuum insulation means that it only costs 5 fils per day in standby to have boiling water at hand, exactly when you want. . It will remove the impurities from the tap water for years and years. Saves water and energy: the single most efficient way to provide both hot and boiling water. Tank with high-vacuum insulation saves energy. No more waste of water and no more waiting time for boiling water in your kitchen. Anyone with taste will detect the difference immediately! Now available in UAE. For two important reasons: First of all, the water is kept at a temperature of 110C, so it is thoroughly boiled through once it flows out of the tap. With the Quooker you can make tea or coffee. Quooker: the tap that immediately dispenses filtered boiling water.

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